AgBiome raises $65 million to bring plant-based pest solutions to market


In North Carolina, AgBiome LLC, a private company harnessing the plant microbiome for novel agricultural pest solutions, secured $65 million in Series C financing that will help the company bring novel crop protection products and solutions to the market. The company is expanding its capabilities in bringing new products to the market and accelerating the strategy of combining biologicals with synthetic chemicals for maximum efficacy and mitigation of pesticide resistance.

Leading the way, AgBiome employs an innovative use of the plant microbiome for identifying and developing genetic traits and biological pesticides. The proprietary Genesis discovery platform efficiently captures and screens the most diverse and unique microbial collection for agriculturally relevant applications, coupled to industry-best screens for insect, disease and nematode control.

Tom Dietz, Chairman of AgBiome’s Board, said, “These are exciting times for AgBiome and the capital raise is going to add to the foundation for continued growth and success.”