Iowa lures Green tableware company from Cali


In California, Chamness Biodegradables has announced it is moving its manufacturing from Camarillo, California to Ankeny, Iowa.

Jon Kallen, spokesperson for Chamness Biodegradables, tells Radio Iowa that Iowa’s “business climate” is the main factor in the company’s decision. “This company uses a lot of energy to make the products and we’re paying about 21-cents a kilowatt hour for electricity in Southern California. We’ll probably pay around 6-to-7-cents a kilowatt hour in Ankeny.”

The Iowa Economic Development Authority Board also provided Chamness with $140,000 in direct financial assistance and tax benefits.

Chamness Biodegradables products include serve ware, bakeware, six-pack beer ring holders, and test tube holders made from starch, coffee grinds, and brewery waste.