Castor oil biodiesel helps South Africa’s need for alternative fuels


In South Africa, Selokong Sa Dimelana (SSD) is producing castor oil and biodiesel in larger volumes thanks to recently purchased commercial equipment. They changed their focuse from selling the oil to end-user consumers to now selling it to cosmetic companies, oil companies and distributors. SSD focuses on farming, processing and distribution of castor oil for bio-diesel and creates much-needed employment in the area, now employing 24 people and 68 volunteers.

Founder, Thabang Mabapa told Destiny Man that as an entrepreneur, you need to start with what you have and ask around for assistance and to “never be afraid to ask for financial and non-financial assistance and be open to learning from others. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for programmes such as those offered by the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy to gain more knowledge about business and the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. Such programmes help discover synergies among entrepreneurs and between them and established businesses.”