Bioplastics need a level playing field


In Europe, Hasso von Pogrell, managing director of trade group European Bioplastics, is calling for measures to level the playing field for bioplastics.

Specifically, he asks European Parliament to introduce “substantive regulatory measures” for improving market penetration for biobased materials and ensuring long-term investment security.

“Bioplastics are a fast-growing, innovative sector. Many of the world’s leading companies are turning to bioplastics to meet the growing demand for more sustainable products without having to compromise on performance or profitability,” von Pogrell writes in a Parliament Magazine op-ed piece. “For almost every conventional plastic material and application, an equivalent, or even superior, alternative made from bioplastics is readily available on the market.”

He encourages members of the European Parliament to support measures such as extended producer responsibility and produce design rules in regard to minimum biobased content in plastics, or a carbon tax incorporating the costs of climate change.