BioGenesis vitamins launched using probiotics, brewer’s yeast and other organisms


In the United Kingdom, Opti-Nutra Advanced Nutraceuticals launched BioGenesis nature-identical vitamin and mineral essentials. Available exclusively in Opti-Nutra supplements including the Performance Lab line and Mind Lab Pro, BioGenesis vitamins and minerals are lab-grown using patented, eco-friendly technology designed to enhance bioavailability and optimize nutritional benefits for healthy biological performance.

To create BioGenesis, single-cell organisms including probiotics and brewer’s yeast are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium. As the single-cell organisms absorb and metabolize the seed nutrients, they divide and thrive – “growing” new nutrients within a matrix of natural cofactors including amino acids, complex carbohydrates, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and antioxidants SOD (superoxide dismutase) and glutathione.

Because they are grown – not synthesized or isolated – BioGenesis vitamins and minerals are nature-identical: Mirroring the exact nutrient-with-cofactors structure found in whole foods. BioGenesis nutrients’ familiar whole-food structure is absorbed and utilized by the body more efficiently than synthetic and isolated vitamins and minerals.