Biofuel supply about to get a whole lot better with Internet-based fuel chain management solution


In Finland, Valmet, together with its customer Turun Seudun Energiatuotanto Oy (TSE), is developing a comprehensive Industrial Internet-based set of production information systems and district heating network optimization solutions. This is being implemented for the first time as an integral part of TSE’s new multi-fuel power plant in Naantali, Finland.

One of the cutting-edge solutions currently being piloted is Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management, an innovation designed to increase the efficiency of the growing biomass power market. The new tool helps the fuel management supply chain to become more efficient, accurate and transparent, from forest to boiler.

The unique advantage of the Valmet DNA Fuel Chain Management is that the system allows fuel deliveries to be planned according to the plant’s forecasted production. The management of biofuel supply, including the amount and type of fuel to be delivered and the exact schedule, takes place through a cloud-based application. All information is available for the truck drivers via a user-friendly mobile interface.