South Carolina forests benefit from carbon offset trading


In South Carolina, the South Carolina Natural Resources Conservation Service held a workshop for forest landowners focused on carbon emission offsets trading. Marzieh Motallebi, an assistant professor at Clemson’s Belle W. Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science, said the carbon market could be lucrative for forest landowners.

“We want to introduce forest landowners to some carbon market successes and explain how they can benefit from the carbon market as well. We want to help South Carolina residents learn how they can be successful and make money by carbon trading,” Motallebi said.

Carbon offset projects have proven successful in South Carolina. Michael Dawson, center director and sanctuary manager of the South Carolina Audubon Society’s Francis Beidler Forest, talked about how an improved forest management project has been used at the forest to register more than 450,000 metric tons of carbon credits with California’s cap and trade program since 2011.