Nuvus releases grow.droid controlled environment agriculture factories


In Florida, Nuvus Gro Corp., a provider of advanced controlled environment agriculture with sophisticated automation and analytical tools for the cultivators of legal industrial hemp and marijuana, introduced modular constructed all-in-one cultivation and processing facilities. With over 600 sq. ft. of grow area per unit, these units utilize full size tables and advanced automation to provide the perfect controlled environment for the plants.

The grow.droid Enterprise factory is a technically advanced, computer controlled factory that provides exclusive environments for every aspect of the grow, including keeping mother plants healthy, growing clones, processing and extracting the harvest for distribution.

The Enterprise Grow Factory consists of eleven 52-foot long, purpose-built units, assembled to complete a true production line concept facility, and utilizes five specifically designed units of varying width. The core of the Enterprise factory is the intelligent, computer controlled, vegetation and flower grow units, similar to the popular grow.droid II containers.