Green Biologics and Kreussler develop new corn-based dry cleaning solvent


In Florida, Kreussler Inc. is working with Green Biologics and their facility in Minnesota to make a new biobased dry cleaning solvent, called SYSTEMK4, from corn grown by about 500 family-owned farms in the heartland of America.

Green Biologics will use their patented fermentation process to take locally-grown feedstocks from family-owned American farms and convert it through a low-energy, minimal waste process into the bio-based n-butanol used to produce SOLVONK4, the main solvent in the SYSTEMK4 dry cleaning process. SOLVONK4 will now be sustainable and bio-based while retaining the award-winning cleaning attributes of the original formula. Worldwide patented SOLVONK4 is the first and only bio-based solvent in the dry cleaning industry. Kreussler is actively applying for the USDA BioPreferred certification.