My Eco Energy launches Indizel renewable fuel


In India, My Eco Energy developed a new renewable fuel called Indizel that can be used as a diesel substitute. The company is building over 700 MEE stations across 8 states in India, which will be operational by end of this year. My Eco Energy said it matches all engine manufacturers’ desired fuel quality standards, according to Economic Times.

The fuel is made up of biomaterials like vegetable oils, inedible seeds, agricultural wastes, etc. and Indizel has sulphur content below 10 PPM as desired by Euro 6 standards, claims the company.

“The company had developed Indizel as per the EN 590 fuel standards, making it compatible with all diesel engines without any modification, enabling it to be easily adoptable to existing distribution infrastructure and vehicles,” Santosh Verma, co-founder, My Eco Energy told ETAuto.