Gulfstream laments lack of biofuel worldwide


In Georgia, Gulfstream is trying to use biofuels where it can, but complains about the lack of availability around the world. Derek Zimmerman, president of Gulfstream product support, told AIN that the G600 and G550 on the static display this week at EBACE 2018 used a 70/30 percent blend of jet-A and biofuel, but this was only possible because the aircraft came directly from its base in Savannah, Georgia, where Gulfstream has its own tank, supplied by World Fuel Services (WFS).

Zimmerman told AIN that the lack of airports supplying biofuel was demonstrated by its own supply having to come from a refinery on the U.S. West Coast, meaning it must be trucked across the U.S. It comes from Paramount, California-based AltAir Fuels, through a World Fuel agreement.

Zimmerman told AIN, “But there are still supply and demand challenges. We would like to have an East Coast refinery” to supply the factory. He would also like to find refineries in Europe and Asia and to help its operators to adopt biofuel, perhaps starting with its own service facilities around the world.