Calysta and Nofima partner to improve seafood sustainability


In California, Calysta, Inc. partnered with Nofima to conduct large-scale trials in Atlantic salmon using Calysta’s FeedKind protein as a means to improve feed efficiency and fish health. Calysta’s FeedKind protein is a family of natural, sustainable and traceable feed ingredients for livestock, fish and pets.

“FeedKind protein is a cost-effective, sustainable feed ingredient for major farmed seafood species including salmon, trout and shrimp,” said Allan LeBlanc, Senior Director and FeedKind Product Manager. “The aquaculture industry is actively seeking new solutions to reduce costs associated with biological challenges and environmental impact.”

FeedKind has been shown to improve key nutritional metrics for commercial aquaculture – increased feed efficiency and the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract and immune system. It provides the industry with the first scalable alternative protein requiring no wild caught fish or agricultural land, contributing to global food security. The trials, designed by Nofima, will begin in early 2019.