Taranis acquires Mavrx to combine ultra-high resolution aerial imagery with artificial intelligence


In Israel, Taranis, a leader in high-resolution agriculture aerial imagery and deep learning, acquired Mavrx, one of the world’s leading agriculture aerial imagery providers. Taranis will add San Francisco-based Mavrx’s Ultra-High Resolution imagery product to its product and services portfolio.

Combining Mavrx UHR with Taranis AI2, the world’s highest resolution aerial imagery product, gives farmers more power and control. Mavrx delivers 8cm-per-pixel resolution images provided by a fleet of 60 planes in 30 states across the U.S. Capable of recognizing and classifying weeds, diseases, insects and nutrient deficiencies on a single leaf at a resolution of 0.5 millimeters from a plane while flying at 120 miles per hour or from drones at 30 miles per hour, Taranis AI2 gives farmers a way to effectively monitor and protect their fields.

Other Taranis features include variable-rate prescriptions, weather analysis with access to 220,000 weather stations, satellite imagery analysis and disease prediction models.