Whitefox continues expanding with 7th U.S. installation


In Nebraska, E Energy Adams is to be the first ethanol plant in Nebraska to install a Whitefox ICE system. Nebraska is the second largest ethanol producing state in the country. E Energy Adams is an original 50 million-gallon ICM designed ethanol plant that began operations in 2007. Since then they have continuously worked to improve the efficiency of the plant, and have also expanded their capacity to 80 million gallons.

Whitefox’s Integrated Cartridge Efficiency (Whitefox ICE) is a membrane-based dehydration technology with a small footprint. According to their press release, it enables producers to reduce energy costs and improve carbon intensity (CI) scores, reduce cooling water costs year-round and reduce operation and maintenance costs by simplifying production, all while increasing revenues from additional ethanol capacity. Whitefox ICE can be integrated into existing corn ethanol production plants with minimal disruption. Whitefox’s membrane technology can equally be included as a technology upgrade in new greenfield plants.