CropX unveils deep soil sensors with measurement analytics to improve crop yields


In California and Israel, CropX, an Ag analytics innovator, unveiled its latest soil intelligence platform, a powerful combination of cloud-based Ag analytics software and advanced soil sensors.

CropX delivers the soil intelligence farmers need to dramatically increase crop yield and reduce water, fertilization and energy costs. Its affordable, easy-to-use soil sensors and intelligence platform that integrate with top irrigation systems let farmers know if/when specific parts of a field need to be watered and how much water they need – via any smartphone, tablet or computer. In fact, recent Beck’s Practical Farm Research reports found that CropX-based irrigation produced 16 to 24 percent more yield compared to manual irrigation.

The CropX Deep Sensor gives three depths – 8 inches, 18 inches and 36 inches – into the soil to give farmers visibility into important moisture, temperature and EC measurements underground. The CropX Deep Sensor is ideal for deep-rooted, permanent crops such as grapes.