Inocucor buys ATP Nutrition to increase crop yields with both biologics and nutrients


In Colorado, Inocucor Corporation, a developer and producer of biological crop inputs for high-value produce and row crops, announced it has acquired ATP Nutrition, a producer of science-based plant nutrients based in Oak Bluff, Manitoba, Canada.

Crop nutrients, such as those produced by ATP Nutrition and biologicals, such as Inocucor’s, are designed to work together to boost plant health and grower yields. ATP will continue to operate as a plant nutrient supplier to canola, soybean, corn, pulse and cereal growers through its broad distribution network throughout North America and will help drive company profitability over the short- to medium-term.

A key initiative of the new entity will be a collaborative effort by Inocucor’s and ATP’s R & D teams to develop products that synergistically drive the genetic potential of the crop by combining biologicals and plant nutrition. New products will be formulated based on plant type, geography and soil conditions.