Biobased fire additive under development for military


In Ontario, FireRein and Ethonus have signed a licensing agreement with the United States military for a biobased firefighting water additive. The deal will accelerate the commercialization and adoption of Eco-Gel, which becomes a firefighting hydrogel when introduced into a water stream at concentrations ranging from 2–5%, the companies say.

“This partnership with Ethonus gives us access to the resources, expertise and relationships needed to bring the performance and environmental features of Eco-Gel to the military sector. We are excited to work with Ethonus to enhance firefighter and community safety throughout the US military, aerospace and defense sectors,” says Rui Resendes, president and CEO of FireRein.

Eco-Gel is the only firefighting water additive certified the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be 100% biobased. The collaboration will endeavor to secure a military specification (MIL-SPEC) for Eco-Gel.