Mahoney Environmental Acquires Green Oil


In Illinois, Mahoney Environmental, a recycler of used cooking oil, purchased Green Oil, LLC dba Green Dining, a used oil recycling and grease trap service company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Mahoney Environmental recycles used cooking oil, grease trap material, and other waste products into materials that are transformed into products such as animal feed and biofuels.

The integration of Green Dining into Mahoney Environmental will allow for direct service to Mahoney customers in Arizona. “This acquisition will continue to move us west and contribute to Mahoney growth in self-service coverage, now at 31 states,” said Vito DiPietra, VP of West Operations – Mahoney Environmental. “Green Dining is all about the customer experience and creating a personal relationship in its local market with each customer. Just like Mahoney, they are committed to integrity and transparency to create trust in the partnership with each of their customers. We will continue to use that common interest to support each establishment and provide the most reliable and cost effective back-of-the-house solutions.”