Autonomous robotic blending station serves veggie and fruit blends in under two minutes


In California, 6d bytes launched Blendid, the world’s first fully autonomous robotic station, to help food service companies meet the needs of consumers who want healthy and delicious blends to fit with their busy lifestyles. Blendid requires no staff and can be accessible 24 hours a day, making it perfect for busy cafeterias, supermarkets, gyms, airports, stadiums and offices.

“People want healthy and delicious meals on the go,” said Vipin Jain, 6d bytes co-founder and CEO. “We’ll be adding more cuisines and formats in the near future.”

The blended drinks, featuring fresh ingredients such as mango, spinach, blueberry, coconut water, kefir, banana and ginger, are prepared by a robot without any human intervention. Customers use mobile apps or tablets at the robotic station to browse the menu, pick and customize an option to their personal taste, make payment and the robot prepares and serves the blend in under two minutes.