Watch out Spider Man – Spidey Tek and USU Unite on Real Spider Silk


In California, Spidey Tek LLC and Utah State University signed a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for the mass production of spider silk proteins and commercialization of spider silk-related technologies. The Spidey Tek Team brings Real Spider Silk to the manufacturing marketplace.

The Spidey Tek Team has not only discovered the pathway to the mass production of actual spider silk proteins and fibers, Spidey Tek has recently developed breakthrough methods to inexpensively mass produce Real Spider Silk. Spidey Tek’s Real Spider Silk proteins and fibers are made utilizing the genes used by actual spiders in nature, matching and at times exceeding the mechanical properties of the natural spider silk. These enhanced mechanical properties will be added to many existing and future products to improve their performance.

All of the Spidey Tek’s spider silk technologies and processes will be trade-marked worldwide by Spidey Tek under the trade names Spidey, Spidey Tek and ARACHNO.