Plant-based water bottles launched in New Zealand


In New Zealand, start-up business, For the Better Good, launched new plastic bottles made from renewable crops like corn, potatoes and sugarcane that can be reused and then composted when consumers are done with the bottle. The bottle composts within 90-180 at a compost facility. The bottles are made using a 12 step process instead of the traditional 6 step process, ensuring that any application they make goes from cradle to cradle, is regenerative and avoids anything from becoming waste.

Jayden Klinac, Founder of For the Better Good, told Biobased World News, “The plant bottle was inspired by the need for us to eliminate the effects of plastic waste, specifically in our ocean. Our bottle is our first product designed with our end to end philosophy. The products we are creating and the systems we have developed are scalable on a global stage. If our process, products and systems were adopted on a global scale, we would be free from plastic waste.”