Japan’s Sun Chlorella sees demand growth for algae-based products, opens Chlorella cafe


In Japan, algae-based cosmetics ingredients maker Sun Chlorella is reporting strong sales growth on the back of consumer demand for natural products.

In an interview with Cosmetics Design Asia, company deputy manager Kumiko Kumagai noted that algae-based products such as Chlorella and Spirulina have been popular with Japanese consumers for some time. “Japan is slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to demand for natural ingredients and you can’t get much more natural or sustainable than fresh-water algae,” Kumagai says. Demand is also increasing in the United Kingdom, and China is another “particularly important growth market.”

The company’s product lines include moisturizing cream, a liquid supplement, and tablets and granules for use in shakes and on food.

The company has also set up a “Chlorella Café” in Taiwan to feature its products. “[This] marks a totally new venture for us,” Kumagai adds.

Kumagai also believes that anti-pollution will become a bigger trend. “While people are becoming more eco-conscious, you only have to read about pollution levels in almost every major city in the world to appreciate it is likely to affect people’s skin in a negative way.”