NewLeaf Symbiotics Receives Second US Patent.


Ag biologicals company gains patent for M-troph technology

In Missouri, The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted agricultural biologicals company NewLeaf Symbiotics its second US patent for the company’s M-troph technology.

M-trophs are beneficial bacteria that colonize plants and stimulate their growth. The patent, US Patent No. 9,845,462,  covers plants and plant parts treated with M-troph compositions resulting from NewLeaf’s improved fermentation methods. The patent essentially describes an invention that allows the company to deliver these bacteria more efficiently than was previously possible.

NewLeaf also has awarded patents on the technology in Europe and Japan, and has recently received notification that a patent will be granted in Canada.

“NewLeaf’s probiotic strains have been developed to increase the plant host’s genetic potential. This patent covers methods ensuring that the dose and delivery are tailored to the crop, guaranteeing a fit with specific plant traits, enhancing valued phenotypes, and complementing existing agrochemical/agronomic practices,” said Desmond Jimenez, Vice President of Product Development and Manufacturing.