Unilever launches new natural personal care products


In the United Kingdom, Unilever launched a new line of natural personal care products, ApotheCARE Essentials. The 18 new products are created from six base ingredients, four fragrances and a technique called phytoextraction. Matthew Seal, a biochemist and founding member of ApotheCARE, told Sustainable Brands that ingredients are carefully selected for their hair and skin benefits, then blended with burdock, white willow, rosemary, ginkgo biloba, sage and seabuckthorn. Unilever plans on selling these at major retailers like CVS where consumers can buy them for under $20. Instead of taking the usual two or more years for product development, Unilver was able to create and bring the ApotheCARE Essentials products to market in only one year, realizing the market changes quickly.