Cornell integrates its agriculture analytics platform with John Deere Operations Center


In New York, Cornell University became the first university to integrate its Ag-Analytics cloud-based application with the John Deere Operations Center. Ag-Analytics offers free tools including a crop insurance estimator, forecasting tools, and real-time yield and risk-management forecasts.

When farmers log into Ag-Analytics.Org, they can easily and securely integrate their data with the John Deere Operations Center with a few clicks. This allows farmers to securely use their high-resolution agriculture data in real time to extract more useful operations information with Ag-Analytics’ apps and tools. Available throughout the United States, the free service will provide farmers with better information with which to run their operations.

Ag-Analytics’ crop insurance tool allows farmers to run different scenarios based on their fields for different types of insurance, at any point in the season. For example, a farmer could see how her risk profile changes if she insures a few fields together or separately.