Bioplastic set to launch in UAE


In the United Arab Emirates, bioplastics made from cassava starch, vegetable oils, and organic resins are about to hit to hit shelves.

Avani, cofounded by Kevin Kumala in Bali, Indonesia three years ago, says its bioplastic bags break down into carbon dioxide and water within six months. “Our bags provide a total solution to bag waste around the globe,” says Kumala. “Today signifies the next step in our journey and the opportunity to provide a unique solution to supporting a plastic-bag-free UAE.”

Peter Avram, a partner in Avani Eco Middle East, says the company also plans to introduce sugarcane-fiber-based houseware, cornstarch straws, paper and cornstarch coffee cups and wooden cutlery. “We have already started to engage with retail, hospitality, hotels and restaurants here to showcase our products and the added value they provide, not only for clients, but also for the end consumer and future sustainability of the UAE,” Avram.

One trillion plastic bags are generated globally. Each takes hundreds of years to break down.