The Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada leverages the world’s largest biomass reserves


In Canada, the forests hold the world’s largest biomass reserves – the basis for making renewable bioenergy, biomaterials and other bioproducts. With a vision towards leveraging this renewable resource, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers unanimously supported a comprehensive approach for increasing and accelerating bio-based activities in its Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada.

Canada’s forest bioeconomy represents the future – providing innovative low carbon solutions without significantly disrupting the daily activities of Canadians. Canada’s forest bioeconomy is supported by robust sustainable forest management practices backed by sound forest science; however, the CCFM recognizes that it also requires investment to diversify and grow this important Canadian industry, bring green jobs to rural communities and youth, and help foster greater collaboration with Indigenous peoples.

These issues are targeted by the framework’s four pillars: Communities and Relationships; Supply of Forest Resources and Advanced Bioproducts; Demand for Advanced Forest Bioproducts and Services; and Support for Innovation.