Efforts to produce vegan leather prolierate


In New York, One Green Planet outlined recent efforts to develop leather substitutes to meet growing demand on the fashion industry for vegan alternatives.

Ananas Anam is producing a leather-like materil from pineapple leaves, a byproduct of pineapple cultivation. The byproduct of the fiber extraction process is then used to make fertilizer.

Green Banana Paper is using  recycled banana trees to produce water-resistant wallets. The Kosrae, Micronesia, company says it has already recycled over 170,000 pounds of leaves.

Modern Meadow is using cells to create biofabricated materials, while after 20 years of research, MycoWorks is using mushroom mycelium to make leather. Based in Milan, Italy, Vegea has developed a way to make leather using the skins, stalks, and seeds of grapes.