XAIRCRAFT debuts agricultural UAVs in Japan


In Japan, XAIRCRAFT, the Chinese agricultural UAV company, launched its flagship UAV Plant Protection System P20 in the Japanese market.  Japan is one of the first countries in the world using large-scale UAV applications for plant protection and XAIRCRAFT chose Japan as its first international step.

More than half of the Japanese farm labor pool is over the age of 65; and, more than 60 percent of the food Japanese consume is imported. To tackle the huge impact of imported agricultural products along with the aging rural population, Japanese food producers need more intelligent, efficient and hands-free equipment to improve their efficiency.

Justin GONG, co-founder and CMO of XAIRCRAFT said, “XAIRCRAFT is an agricultural technology company with global vision. The mission of XAIRCRAFT is to continuously developing more efficient agricultural technology, in the context of reducing labor input and environmental pollution, ultimately contribute to the sustainable development of global agriculture.”