Plenty gets $200 million to make fresh produce available to people everywhere


In California, making it the largest agriculture technology investment in history, Plenty received $200 million in a Series B funding round led by the SoftBank Vision Fund to build out Plenty’s global, hyper-yield farm network and support its mission of solving the increasingly critical need to make fresh produce available and affordable for people everywhere.

Plenty is using proven plant science and patented technologies to build a new kind of indoor farm that uses cutting-edge LED lighting, micro-sensor technology and big data processing to deliver higher-quality produce for pricing as good or better than what consumers pay today.

Plenty’s farms, which the Company plans to build near the world’s major population centers, maintain a perfect growing environment, use one percent of the water and a tiny fraction of the land of conventional agriculture, while delivering industry-leading yields of the freshest, best-tasting produce to local grocery shelves within hours of harvest.