Arkema Expands to Asia to Grow Castor Oil Based Polyamides


In France, Arkema SA is expanding to Asia with an investment of about $342.2 million (300 million Euros) over the next five years to increase global production of its biosourced polyamide 11 by 50 percent. Part of the expansion plan includes construction of a world-scale plant in an undisclosed location in Asia that will focus on producing Rilsan PA11 which is a biosourced polyamide from castor oil and currently used for electronics, 3D printing and automotive markets where it serves as a metal substitute. They expect the plant to be in operation in late 2021.

The investment also includes a 50% increase in global production capacities for Pebax RNew, a biosourced polyamide elastomer which is earmarked for the sports and electronics markets due to its energy return and flexibility properties.