Ich bin ein bioplastic: German law seeks to increase renewable content


In Germany, a new packaging law has been approved by Germany’s upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, that intends to improve recycling rates of packaging waste as well as nudge municipalities into increasing the use of bioplastics.

The Verpackungsgesetz will come into effect in January 2019. It targets recycling rates 63% for plastic packaging and 90% for metal, glass and paper. The law mandates incentives—mostly in the form of waste fees—to encourage the use of recycled and renewable materials.

Local municipalities will be responsible for determining how best to carry out and measure collection.

The German law follows a similar legislation in France that requires biobased, home-compostable packaging for uses like vegetable bags in supermarkets. Under the bill, the renewable content of mandated uses must reach 30% this year, 40% by 2018, 50% in 2020, and 60% in 2025.