Four plant-based oils to get you through your day


In London, aromatherapist Rima Shah outlined how different plant-based scents can help you manage your moods, beginning with products that combat morning sluggishness all the way through to restful slumber.

Speaking to during Aromatherapy Awareness Week, Shah said citrus-based scents like lemon can boost your morning mood. “Lemon and citrus scents are fantastic for lifting the mood, particularly if you’re feeling glum,” says Shah.

For a good, mid-morning “brain sharpener,” try smelling frankincense. “Frankincense is the main scent used for meditation, so it can help focus and clear the mind,” says Rima. Peppermint can keep you alert during the mid-afternoon doldrums, but should be used sparingly, she adds. Rose oil is good for counteracting mood swings, mental fatigue, and the physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Finally, lavender can help relax the mind and body before going to bed. “Use sparingly though, as too much has the opposite effect and will keep you awake,” Rima adds.