Coca-Cola creates a fruit circular economy in India with a $1.7 billion contribution


In India, the Coca-Cola Company and its Indian partners will contribute $1.7 billion to the country’s agricultural ecosystem over the next 5 years.  Almost half of this contribution will go towards procuring processed fruit pulp and fruit concentrate to meet the growing Indian demand for the Coca-Cola Company’s juice, juice drinks and carbonated drinks with juice.

The Coca-Cola Company will expand its juice product range with the launch of Minute Maid Pulpy Mosambi. The choicest Indian Mosambi fruits have been locally sourced from Jalna in Maharashtra and an estimated 200,000 farmers will benefit from this 5-year roadmap.

Coca-Cola in India is creating a virtuous circular economy of sustainable agriculture and horticulture by using a variety of Indian fruits in its beverages under the juice and aerated drinks categories. Through this initiative, around $900 million will be invested on manufacturing lines, juice bottling infrastructure equipment, fruit processing plants and agriculture interventions.