Monaco cosmetics ingredient firm introduces natural photoprotective active


In Monaco, cosmetics actives maker Exysmol has launched a new photoprotective biomolecule that meets formulators’ needs for anti-aging, sun protection, and anti-pollution claims.

Exysmol’s communication director Christophe Paillet tells Premium Beauty News the molecule, dubbed Solexyl, is a conjugate derivative of thiomethylpropenoic acid, an isomer of Entadamide A found in tropical vines lianas.

“This active is both able to play a photoprotective role, like natural chromaphores ([i.e.,] melanin, tryptophan, urocanic acid), and prevent any adverse effect such as premature aging, inflammation, [and] immunosuppression… which are often generated by these natural chromaphores,” he says. “Among others, our tests showed its remarkable photoprotectant, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory virtues, so this new active can be positioned on the anti-immunosuppression niche.”

Paillet notes that skin protection against external aggressions is widely recognized, but awareness of the impact of “internal aggressions” on skin is increasing.