Muddy Boots Software offers real-time, field-level weather information using ClearAg from Iteris


In the United Kingdom, Muddy Boots Software purchased a multi-year global subscription to ClearAg global weather information by Iteris, Inc. Growers using Muddy Boots’ cloud-based Greenlight Grower Management program will now be able to optimize decisions based upon current and forecasted field-level weather conditions to maximize yield, reduce risk, and to better understand where, when and how to protect crop production.

Supporting over 2,000 corporate clients with tens of thousands of unique global users across 40 countries, Muddy Boots mitigates risk and improves efficiency for the benefit of all stakeholders by enabling greater transparency from grower to retailer. ClearAg weather data will allow Muddy Boots customers to access the best available weather information for reduced risk and more sustainable food production.

“We strive to provide our customers with state-of-the-art farm management solutions that allow precision environmental data access anywhere and in real-time,” said Jonathan Evans, Managing Director for Muddy Boots.