Researchers Find Way to Block Scar Tissue from Forming on Biomaterial Implants


In Massachusetts, researchers found a way to help prevent fibrosis, or scar tissue from developing around medical implant devices. While biomaterial devices have been increasingly replacing metal ones in order to offer a more natural, less rejected type of material for patients’ bodies, biomaterial implants still face fibrosis issues which can impact how well the implant works. But researchers now can fight back against the scar tissue issue by blocking the molecule, CSF1, which signals to macrophages in the body to start building the scar tissue. Once blocked, the body doesn’t create the scar tissue, but interestingly, still allows the body to heal wounds and carry out other important functions. While they tested it on three different biomaterials, researchers believe it will work on any biomaterial and devices such as pacemakers and glucose sensors for diabetes patients.