3DFortify, Pond, and H-Prec Win Startup Award for Innovative Composites


In Paris, three start-up composite companies, 3DFortify, Pond, and H-Prec, won the Startup Booster award at the JEC World 2017 conference. Boston-based 3DFortify uses 3D printing and magnetics to create reinforced carbon fiber composites and are focusing on the aerospace, automotive and injection molding industries. Pond is based in Ireland and H-Prec is based in France and creates a variety of composites with a focus on high-tech solutions including biomaterials.

The awards include a €15,000 (a little over $16,000) financial contribution and prize package. The startups presented for 2 hours in front of manufactures, funders, and academics including Airbus, ASTECH cluster, Daimler, IPC, and others who then judge them based on their presentation, project innovation, sustainability, market potential, and more.