TerraVia, Bunge and BioMar expand distribution of AlgaPrime DHA for aquaculture feed


In California, TerraVia, Bunge Limited and BioMar Group expanded their AlgaPrime DHA distribution agreement to increase availability at scale to salmon farmers and other participants in the aquaculture industry. Developed to reduce dependency on marine fisheries and enhance the nutritional value of seafood, AlgaPrime DHA is expected to be a key feed ingredient in the future of aquaculture.

“Produced at the TerraVia and Bunge joint venture production facility in Brazil using renewable energy and a native algae strain, AlgaPrime DHA allows for responsible industry growth.  We’re producing it at a scale relevant to the market right now, and our expanded agreement with BioMar will help deliver on the potential of this business,” said Miguel Oliveira, Vice President, Global Innovation, Bunge Limited.

Building on successful joint aquaculture feed trials in 2016, BioMar has significantly increased deliveries of commercial feed containing AlgaPrime DHA to leading salmon farmers over the past six months.