Farmhouse Culture receives $6.5 million to drive national availability of probiotic-rich foods


In California, Farmhouse Culture, a maker of probiotic-rich foods and beverages, received $6.5 million to drive national availability of the brand’s growing food and beverage product lines. Led by General Mills investment unit, 301 INC, this Series D round will grow sales and marketing visibility, scale up production of existing product lines and accelerate probiotic-rich food innovation.

“We’ve been watching the functional foods space grow exponentially over the past few years, with Farmhouse Culture emerging as a leader,” states John Haugen, vice president and general manager of 301 INC. “The recipe for success is there: probiotic-rich products that taste great, led by a team with strong experience in the natural foods industry.”

Farmhouse Culture began with fermented sauerkraut and expanded into probiotic-rich foods including an expanded line of fermented vegetables including beets, carrots, cauliflower and a recent launch into the snack category with a chip made with 50 percent sauerkraut.