Blue Marble Biomaterials Launches Reg A+ Equity Share Offering


In Montana, Blue Marble Biomaterials has opened its previously announced Regulation A+ offering for entry-level investors.

The company uses proprietary technologies to convert plant-based organic waste, such as used coffee grounds, wood chips, and tomato and grape pomace, into chemicals without the use of genetic engineering.  These biobased chemicals can be used by fragrance, flavoring and personal-care product manufacturers to replace petroleum-derived ingredients.

“Food manufacturers have few options when it comes to disposing of their waste products,” says Blue Marble Co-CEO Colby Underwood. “Typically, food manufacturing companies have to pay for disposal of their leftover byproducts like grape pulp. We can provide a model whereby not only are they reducing or eliminating the cost of disposal, they’re actually turning that waste into revenue. In turn, we can convert it into $15,000 worth of natural biochemicals.”

A Regulation A+ offering is a type of equity crowdfunding regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Blue Marble Biomaterial’s initial round is set at $1.5 million and shares are $1.25 each, with a minimum investment of $300.

Interested individuals can view the offering circular and find out more about the offering at