Veris enables precision soil mapping while planting and tilling


In Kansas, Veris Technologies announced a new line of soil sensors that easily mount to planters and tillage tools. Developed to help growers precisely map and manage soil variability while performing other field operations, the new platform deploys proven Veris optical and electrical sensing components.

iScan utilizes an infrared and red light optical sensor to measure the color of the soil below the surface and determine organic matter levels.  Soil texture readings are gathered by measuring the electrical conductivity of the soil. Because the electrical current travels two feet into the rooting zone, these readings provide soil depth and water-holding capacity information that impacts management decisions.

Eric Lund, president of Veris Technologies said, “Whether creating variable rate seeding prescriptions, guiding fertility sampling or improving nitrogen management, Veris EC and OM maps will allow growers to manage each soil accurately and avoid costly mistakes caused by coarse maps and misleading images.”