Spensa Technologies releases an insect phenology model to predict patterns in near real-time


In Indiana, Spensa Technologies Inc. announced a new insect phenology model that more accurately predicts insect patterns in near real-time. The new capabilities allow growers and agronomists to predict the timing for insect life-cycle events such as when they hatch and when they fly.

Dynamic Phenology incorporates real-time weather data and pest observations to sustain a much higher degree of accuracy. And, Spensa’s model makes use of current trap data from a specific field to accurately predict future insect stages.

“With Spensa’s Dynamic Phenology capabilities, growers get instant access to vital insect updates that could be harmful to their crops, allowing them to be proactive with their spraying and pest management solutions,” said Johnny Park, founder and CEO of Spensa Technologies. “We are incredibly proud to present this revolutionary capability to the market and help growers protect their valuable crops while also saving resources for occasions when spraying isn’t necessary.”