Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture receives $16 million to improve forest health


In West Virginia, the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture is working with landowners in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky to improve the health of at least 12,500 acres in priority areas. In its first year, the project led to the improvement of about 1,700 acres. The AMJV is also monitoring the response to forest improvement, tracking the use of these managed lands by cerulean warblers and other species.

Working with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the American Bird Conservancy and more than a dozen other conservation partners, MMJV provides technical and financial assistance to help landowners plan and implement sustainable forestry practices. The Regional Conservation Partnership Program, a Farm Bill conservation program administered by NRCS, is investing $8 million in this project, and partners are leveraging an additional $8 million.

Landowners have found these practices help restore low-value forests by re-establishing a healthier and more valuable stand of trees.