GeoAgro embeds ClearAg by Iteris for deployment in Argentina, Brazil and South Africa


In Argentina, GeoAgro selected ClearAg made by Iteris, Inc. for deployment in Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. GeoAgro, a pioneer in agronomic geographic information systems, will embed ClearAg into its solution and, then, distribute the integrated solution throughout GeoAgro’s partner ecosystem in Latin America and Africa.

ClearAg delivers location-based weather, water, soil and crop health data and advisory services on a worldwide basis. GeoAgro’s precision technology platform integrates programs that record and organize farm information via GPS for past, present and future analysis.

“The global, agronomic, climatological and land surface modeling data available within the ClearAg digital farming platform perfectly complements our crop monitoring and zone management approach to precision agriculture,” said Ed Di Pollina, Director and Co-Founder at GeoAgro. “We support a wide network of agronomic partners who provide solutions adapted to regions throughout the southern hemisphere, many of whom will benefit from the improved operational efficiency and profitability.”