FUEL ships hyper-personalized, nutritionally-optimized meals anywhere in the continental U.S.


In California, FUEL expanded shipping of scientifically optimized meals to the contiguous 48 states from their current western states market. FUEL prepares hyper-personalized, nutritionally-optimized meals for customers and ships direct to the consumer. FUEL meals are paleo friendly, contain no preservatives, no antibiotics, and are low glycemic and keto enabled, depending on what your body type needs.

Chief Marketing Officer George Burke said, “The demand and loyalty from our customers has been incredible, finding that their health and lives have been supported by biologically optimized meals. This supported our decision to expand rapidly to the entire continental U.S. just ahead of 2017 New Year resolutions.”

Customers craft meals based on their own information and subscribe to a service that delivers weekly meal plans. Requiring only three minutes to prepare, the FUEL meals are sold in plans of 6, 12, or 15 meals, starting at $70 for 6 meals per week.