Organic Plus SP controls zoospores


In Canada, Bionetix International reports positive field testing results for a fungicidal biostimulant based on humic and fulvic acids, rhamnolipids, marine plants, and micronutrients.

Organic Plus SP stimulates healthy microbial activity in the soil that increases plant nutrient uptake while at the same time suppresses zoophores, harmful microbes that attack the leaves of plants such as beets, carrots, and strawberries. It can be applied as a seed coating or fogged onto young plants.

Japan’s Agribiotech Institute demonstrated Organic Plus SP improved processing efficiency at three potato farms, as fewer potatoes needed to be sorted out due to potato scab. In a strawberry trial, the product turned leaf mildew into solid plaque at 1,000-times dilution. Another trial on strawberries showed that higher concentrations of Organic Plus SP yielded larger strawberries.

The product has been approved for organic agriculture by organic certification organization Quebec Vrai. Bionetix is a subsidiary of Cortex Corporation.