Blue Marble Biomaterials Teams Up with Welch’s to Use Leftover Juicing Material


In Montana, Blue Marble Biomaterials is collaborating with Welch’s to use their leftover material from making apple and grape juices that are usually composted or sent away for animal feed. We recently reported that Blue Marble Biomaterials was the first biomaterials company to utilize Regulation A+ and will offer equity shares to the public. Now they have some more big news with this new partnership with Welch’s which is still owned by family farmers.

What will Blue Marble Biomaterials do with Welch’s leftovers? Make biomaterials and biochemicals of course, but more specifically, it looks like fragrances and cosmetic products might be the way to go for Blue Marble and Welch’s partnership. Blue Marble already created a natural plant based bacon flavoring to replace petroleum based flavoring, so the opportunities are endless for using Welch’s apple and grape remnants. Stay tuned to see where the natural ingredients end up in products.