Pine chemical additive gives used asphalt new life


In France, reclaimed asphalt deemed too hard for reuse on roads was brought within national specifications by using a pine chemical-based additive produced by Arizona Chemical.

According to asphalt company Eurovia, the ability to rejuvenate older, reclaimed asphalt with low penetrability is a significant breakthrough. “We value the environmental benefits of preserving natural resources and using less material,” Eurovia tells World Highways. “There is also an economic advantage as we can use less bitumen.” Usually, reclaimed asphalt can only be used on sub-base layers.

The additive, SYLVAROAD RP1000, also enables lower input. It can sprayed directly onto the reclaimed asphalt, unlike other rejuvenation processes that require additive injection. A relatively low dose of 1.5 kg per ton of reclaimed asphalt was used.

Arizona Chemical has used the asphalt to pave a heavily trafficked stretch of road at its production plant in the Niort region of France.