Arysta licenses biostimulant from Beem Biologics


In Cary, North Carolina, Arysta Lifesciences has licensed a plant extract-derived biostimulant from Beem Biologics. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Field tests over the last 24 months show the biostimulant promotes “healthy yet rapid early plant development, enhanced flowering, fruiting, and higher yields in a wide range of crops,” according to Beem Biologics inventor and consultant Lance Beem. The field tests were carried out through university, private research firms, and in-house studies.

The biostimulant also works well in combination with conventional crop protection products, says Neil Stapensea, Global Head, Biostimulants & Innovative Nutrition Product Management, Arysta LifeScience.

Arysta, which is owned by Platform Specialty Products, recently announced that it would make biosolutions for crop protection a “center” focus of the company.